10 Best Cat Beds, Scratchers, and Trees For People Who Love Japan

10 Best Cat Beds, Scratchers, and Trees For People Who Love Japan

Are you exploring your Japanese-American roots? Have you adopted a tri-colored Japanese Bobtail or Mi-Ke (pronounced "mee kay")? 

From instant noodle cat beds to cherry blossom-shaped cat trees, here are 10 pieces of cat furniture that will help you pay homage to the land of the rising sun. 

1. Japanese Strawberry Milk Cat Bed 

Japanese Strawberry Milk Cat Bed
Got milk? Show your cats you love them with a Strawberry Milk Cat House that will never go sour. It is made from luxurious coral velvet fabric and filled with durable polypropylene cotton. This foldable, pastel pink cat house by Wonfar is 20.5 inches tall and 13 inches wide, so it is perfect for small-sized cats. It also comes in three other designs: banana milk, green tea, and coffee. 

    2. Cat Izakaya Bar Scratcher

    Munchiecat Cat Izakaya Bar Scratcher

    It is 5 o'clock somewhere! So open this Japanese Izakaya Bar for your cats. The corrugated cardboard cat scratcher by SMILE PAWS features cutouts of wine bottles and a Maneki Neko. It also has a white braided rope and a red cardboard lantern. Its back window features a sushi chef with a face cutout. And one side panel is a tribute to “Mount Fuji and Flowers” by David Hockney. Measuring 19.69" x 12.6" x 20.47", this Izakaya Bar Cat Scratcher is ideal for kittens and small cats. 

    3. Whisker City Sushi Character Cat Hut

    Whisker City Sushi Character Cat Hut Munchiecat

    You will not be tempted to hide this adorable sushi cat hut by Whisker City in a closet. This PetSmart exclusive measures 20" x 12.5" x 9.5" and is best suited for kittens and small cat breeds. Its outer shell and removable cushion are made from 100% polyester. 

    4. Hot Spring Hotel Cat Scratcher 

    Hot Spring Hotel Cat Scratcher Munchiecat

    Pamper your cat with this Hot Spring Cat Hotel Scratcher by SMILE PAWS. The front panel has a fish-shaped "Welcome" sign, a Japanese lantern, and a bonsai tree. One side sports a small cutout window for playing with cat toys, while the other has a mini scratching pad that doubles as a natural hot spring. Its back panel features a face cutout of a cat playing with a rubber duck. This Onsen Hotel Cat Scratcher measures 18.9" x 12.6" x 19.69", so it is best for small and medium cat breeds. 

    5. Cup Ramen Noodles Cat Bed

    Munchiecat Ramen Noodle Cup Bed

    Your cat will instantly warm up to this Cup Noodle Cat Bed by Happy and Polly. Its removable pillow features ramen noodles, eggs, chives, and fish. Its red and white cup is made from washable polyester material and has a nonslip bottom. The velcro lid is also constructed from high-quality crystal and lamb velvet for stealthy play. Available in medium and large. Air-dry only. 

    6. Cherry Blossom Cat Tree

    Munchiecat Cherry Blossom Cat Tree

    Between the dangly pom-pom cat toys and hemp rope scratching posts, your cat will be amused by KBSPETS Cherry Blossom Cat Tree for hours — and it will not cramp your home decor style either. The floral cat tree features real treated wood branches and two 20.5-inch cherry blossom cat beds. It also has a leaf perch and an enclosed cat condo on the ground floor. It is designed for cats up to 25 pounds.

    7. Japanese Pagoda Cat House

    Japanese Pagoda Cat House

    This Japanese Pagoda Cat House by MadeForPets will help your kitty find zen in the chaos of everyday life. It is made from gold satin, red velour ribbon, and fleece (i.e., 50% polyester and 50% viscose). Each roof corner also features a cat ball toy. This 30-inch plush cat house even comes with a machine-washable, multicolor pillow. 

    8. Retro Game Over Scratcher Cat Toy

    Munchiecat-Retro Gameboy Cat Scratcher

    Level-up playtime with this Retro Game Over Cat Scratcher by Frisco. It resembles Nintendo's Original Game Boy, so it will add some '90s vibes to your cat’s toy collection. The 18-by-20-inch cat scratcher is made from heavy-duty corrugated cardboard and comes with a packet of catnip. It also includes multi-colored slotted balls for your cat to bat around for extra fun. 

    9. Carp-Shaped Cat Bed

    Koi Cat Bed Etsy Munchiecat Blog

    Perfect for large cats, this Carp-Shaped Cat Bed by Debeedo features wire lips that can be shaped any way you would like. It also has ping-pong eyeballs, a faux sherpa lining, and an inch of foam that you and your cat will love. The 23-by-15-inch cat bed comes in many prints, including Pink Rose Burgundy Floral and Panda Kung-Fu Fighter. This handmade cat bed is one of a kind too, which makes it a total steal.

    10. Japanese Samurai Cardboard Cat House

    Munchiecat Blog Japanese Samurai Cat House

    If your cats sharpen their claws on your couch or stare off into space, they may have secret samurai skills. Let your felines cut away life's unnecessary fluff in this handmade Japanese Samurai Cardboard Cat House by CacaoPets. This traditional Japanese-style cat house is 22 by 27 inches. Its bottom panel features a cutout cat head, while its top panel has a samurai cutout. The side panels showcase samurai silhouettes and uncut windows. Assembly required. Spot clean only. 


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