Organic Catnip Variety Pack: Silver Vine, Valerian Root and Premium Cat Nip Buds

  • USA GROWN, 100% ORGANIC: This set includes a variety of three premium catnip products: Catnip buds, silvervine blend, and valerian root blend. 5"x3" resealable food-grade packaging to keep your catnip fresh.
  • CATNIP BUDS: Organic catnip buds, hand harvested at the peak of their essential oil production. Crush a catnip flower between your fingers to release the Nepetalactone your cats enjoy.
  • PREMIUM BLENDS: Organic catnip leaves, flowers and silver vine blend and Valerian Root blends will give your cats a better long lasting experience. Not all cats react to silvervine, valerian or catnip equally so we created this variety set to maximize your cats experience!
  • EFFECTS: Expect a happy, euphoric experience for your favorite furry friend with behaviors like playing, jumping, rolling, flipping, rubbing, and eventually zoning out. Safely stimulates cats young and old.
  • KITTY APPROVED: With three different flavors, there’s a high to suit the unique personality and needs of every feline. Cats prefer the finest things in life and we promise to give it to them.

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Our dream is to make high quality, pet-safe toys that you can feel good about offering to your furry friends. We started with a Sushi set because even the grumpiest and aloofest (yeah, that’s a word) of cats deserve better than cheap plastic balls and rubber mice.

After a year of brainstorming, phone calls, samples and feedback sessions with our feline consultants, tons of support from friends, family and our Kickstarter backers.... here we are

As a wife/husband business we hope to continue making fun and beautiful toys for the creatures that continue to fill all our lives with smiles.

Join us on facebook or instagram as we continue making fun, safe and beautiful toys for the creatures that fill all our lives with smiles.


Natalie and Matt

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If you're not happy, we're not happy. 

If you received the wrong product, faulty or damaged item, or your kitty just wasn't into their new toys, please contact me within 30 days to request a refund or exchange.  

And if you are satisfied with our product please let us know and tell your friends! Positive reviews make a huge difference for our small business =^.^=


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Shipping: $1.00 snail-mail (5-7 days) to all domestic US addresses. Priority and Express option available for additional charges.

For all international orders, your shipping charge range for snail-mail (1-8 weeks) and express shipping is available for additional charge. package will ship via USPS First Class International or USPS International Priority with tracking in 1-5 business days. The transit times vary widely and custom fees and taxes are extra so please feel free to contact me with any questions regarding the shipping!

We are working on setting up storage location in Canada, EU and Japan soon to avoid these shipping charges for our international customers!

 All orders ship within 1-2 business days.

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