500+ Irish Cat Names – Male, Female, and Gender-Neutral Name Ideas with Meanings and Pronunciations

A black and white tuxedo cat with a sparkly green bow tie.


Without a doubt, Ireland is a nation of dog lovers.

A 2016 study by iReach for Purina found that 72% of Irish people think having a dog "completes the family."   

And nearly 36% of Irish homes have a dog while only 10% own a cat, according to a 2009 study by the University College Dublin.

That’s because more than 65% of Ireland is farmland. And most Irish citizens live in sprawling ranch-style houses instead of cramped studio apartments. 

Even Manx cats — tailless felines that come from the Isle of Man, an island in the Irish sea between Northern Ireland and Great Britain — have canine characteristics.

Whether you bleed orange and green or are counting the seconds 'til St. Patrick's Day, here are 500+ possible Irish-inspired cat names.


Male Irish Cat Names

A ginger tabby cat in a sparking green bow tie.
Powerful and strong, these male Irish cat names are inspired by Celtic gods, nature, and righteousness.


Aaron — High mountain 

Aengus — One strength; the Celtic god of love 

Adair — A crossing or ford at the oak tree

Adamnan — Little Adam

Aed (ayd)  — Fire 

Ahern — Lord of the horses

Ailin (ay-LEEN) — Noble

Alan — Peaceful or handsome 

Alastar (ah-lah-star) — Defender of the people

Alpin — Attractive

Amargein (aw-veer-een) — Birth of song

Amon (ay-mon) — Wealthy protector 

Aodhan (eh-dawn or ay-dawn) — Fire 

Aralt  — Army ruler 

Ardal (ahr-dawl) — Bear-like valor 

Arlen  — Hare land 

Art — Bear 

Arwan — The Celtic god of the dead, war, revenge, and terror 

Augustine — Great, magnificent 

Auliffe (ao-lahf) — Ancestor’s relic 


Bainbridge — Fair bridge

Banning —  Small, fair one 

Bairre (baw-re) — Fair-haired 

Bard — Singer-poet 

Beacan (be-kawn or ba-kawn) — Tiny one

Bearach (ba-rak) — Pointed, sharp

Behan — Bee

Belenus (bel-en-us) — The sun god from Celtic mythology

Benen — Mild

Berkeley — Birch tree meadow 

Blaine — Angular or slender

Blair — Field or plain 

Blathmac (blaw-vak) — Flower son 

Bogart  —  Bog or marshland

Bran (brawn)  — Raven

Bray — Marsh 

Brayden — Salmon 

Breasal (bree-sal) — Land of the blessed

Brian — Noble  

Brandon — Prince 

Breck — Freckled 

Brody — Ditch

Brogan — Small shoe 


Calhoun — From the narrow forest

Callaghan — Lover of churches 

Callum (kal-um) — Dove 

Carney — Warlike 

Carrick  — Rock 

Carlow — Four-part lake 

Carroll — Hacking with a weapon 

Cashel — Castle or fortress 

Cathal (ka-hal) — Strong in battle

Cernunnos — The horned fertility and hunting god in Celtic mythology 

Cian (kee-an) — Ancient or enduring 

Cillian (kill-ee-an) — War strife or little church 

Ciaran (kee-ran) — Little dark one 

Clancy — Red warrior 

Cluny — From the meadow 

Collin — Cub or puppy 

Comhghall (KOH-gahn or CO-en) — Fellow hostage

Conan — Wolf

Conor — Lover of hounds 

Cormac — Charioteer

Conway — Hound of the plain 

Craig  — Rock 

Criofan (KREE-fan) — Fox 

Culley — Meadow 

Cunningham — Village of the milk pail


Dagda (dag-duh) — The “good god”, the supreme deity and chief of the ancient Celtic pantheon 

Dahy (day-hee) — Quick-footed 

Daimine — Deer or ox 

Daithi (da-hee) — Nimbleness or swiftness 

Dalaigh (dawl-ee) — Counsellor 

Declan — Full of goodness 

Delaney — Dark challenger 

Dempsey — Proud

Dermot — Free from envy 

Desmond — One from Desmond

Devlin — Unlucky 

Diarmuid (deer-mid) — Without an enemy 

Digby — A  town with a ditch or dike

Dinsmore — Fortified hill 

Dooley  — Dark hero 

Donnacha (done-acka) — Brown-haired warrior 

Donal (Dho-nal) — Ruler of the world 

Dow — Dark-haired 

Doyle — Dark Stranger 


Eamon (ee-mon or ay-mon) — Wealthy protector 

Earnan — Serious 

Elatha (ahl-a-hah)  — Art 

Emmet — Irish orator and patriot who led the unsuccessful 1798 Irish Rebellion against the British 

Eochaid (oh-kad) — Horse 

Eoghan (oh-win) — Born of the yew tree

Erc — Battle boar 

Euston — Heart


Fagin (fay-gin) — Rustic 

Faolan (Fay-lawn) — Little wolf

Felix  — Lucky 

Ferdia — Man of God 

Fergal  — Brave

Fergus — Man of force 

Ferris — Rock 

Fiachra  (FEE-uh-khruh) —  Raven or hunt and king 

Finnbar — Fair-haired 

Finn — Fair, blonde 

Finnegan — Little fair one

Fintan — White bull or white fire 

Fitzgerald — Son of Gerald 

Fogarty — Exiled one 

Foley — Plunderer 

Forbes — Wealthy or stubborn 

Flynn — Ruddy 

Frederick — Peaceful ruler 

Fursey  — Virtue 


Gaibhne — The Celtic god of blacksmiths 

Gaeth — Skillful 

Gallagher — Eagle helper 

Galvin — Sparrow 

Galway  — A vibrant waterside city in western Ireland 

Garrett — Spear strength 

Garvey — Rough place

Genty — Snow 

Gilroy — Devoted to the king 

Glendon — One from a valley or fortress 

Gordon — Beloved 

Grady — Noble 

Gulliver — Glutton 

Guthrie — Windy place 

Gus  — Great 

Guy — Sensible  


Hagan — Young 

Haley — Ingenious

Harkin  — Dark red 

Harmon — Soldier 

Hartigan — Descendent of Arthur 

Hobart  — Bright, shinning intellect

Hogan — Youth

Hoyt — Spirit, mind 

Hugh — Mind, intellect 

Hurley — Sea tide 


Iarom (ear-um)  — Sacred name 

Iollan (ul-an) — One who worships a different god 

Irv — Handsome

Ivo — Archer, yew wood  


Jarlath (jar-lath) — Prince 


Kane (key-in) — Enduring 

Keallach (kall-ach)— Little Kelly 

Keefe (kiy-f) — Handsome and noble

Keenan — Ancient 

Keenan — Little Keene

Kelvin -—  Narrow river 

Kendrick —  Son of Henry 

Kennard — Brave chieftain

Kennedy (ki-ne-dee) — Ugly head 

Kenyon -— White-haired 

Kermit —  Freeman  


Labraid — Speaker 

Labras — Laurel bush 

Laegaire (lee-ree) — Calf herder 

Lee — From the River Lee

Lawler — Mutterer

Lennan (lan-awn) — Lover

Liam — Strong-willed warrior or protector 

Llyr — The Celtic god of the sea and underworld 

Lochlan (lok-lun) — Land of the lakes

Lonan (lyo-nawn) — Blackbird 

Lorcan — Silent or fierce 

Lugh (loo) — The Celtic god of justice, laws, and kings

Lunn — Warlike

Lynch — Mariner


Macarthur — Son of Arthur

Maccoy — Son of Hugh

Mackenzie — Son of Kenzie

Mackinnley — Son of the learned ruler

Maguire — Son of the beige one 

Mahon — Bear

Malachi (mala-ki) — Messenger of God 

Mannix — Little monk 

Manus (ma-nuhs)  — Great 

Mayo — Yew-tree plain

Michael (me-haul) — Who is like God? 

Merritt — Valuable

Meallan (mahl-an) — Lightening

Midir (my-tir) — The Celtic god of lakes and rivers 

Morrisey — Sea choice 

Murchadh  (MUR-kha or MOOR-uh-ka)  — Sea warrior 


Néit —  The Celtic god of war 


Odhran (o-ran) — Dark-haired 

Oisin (o-sheen) — Small deer 

Odhran (orin) — Little pale green one

Oran (ohr-an) — Otter

Oscar — Deer lover   


Patrick — Nobly born 

Peadar (pad-ar) — Rock 

Patterson — Son of Pat

Phelan (fwail-awn) — Wolf  


Quigley —  Unkempt

Quill  —  Scribe with a quill pen 

Quillon —  Crossing swords 

Quinlan — Athletic 


Raymond — Counselor 

Rian (ree-an) — Little king 

Riddock — Smooth field 

Riordan (reer-don) — Royal poet 

Roarke — Famous ruler 

Roc  — Person with frizzy hair 

Rónán (ROH-nawn) — Pledge

Ross —  Headland 


Scanlon — Little trapper

Scully — Town crier 

Séafra  (shee-a-fra) — God's peace

Seamus — Supplanter

Sean — God is gracious

Seanán (shaw-nawn) — Ancient

Searc (shark)  — Affection, love

Shane — Gift from God 

Skelly — Storyteller

Sleibhin (sle-veen) — Mountain man 

Sloan — Warrior

Somhairle — Summer wanderer

Strahan — Minstrel

Steafán (stef-ahn) — Crowned with laurel

Struthers -— Brook


Tadhg (tige) — Poet or bard 

Tarlach (tahr-lak) — Instigator

Taranis — The Celtic god of thunderstorms 

Tiarnach (teer-nahk) — Superior

Tomas — Twin 

Tormey — Thunder spirit

Treasach (trah-sak) — Fierce

Trevor —  Prudent

Troy — Foot soldier

Turlough (tur-la) — One who aids 

Tyrone  — From the land of the yew tree


Ulick (oo-lick)  — Little William

Ultan —  Man from Ulster or Northern Ireland 


Verlin — Farthing Coin


William — Strong protector

Female Irish Cat Names

A Ragdoll cat in a green top hat with holding a clover necklance.
Beautiful and unique, these female Irish cat names draw inspiration from Celtic mythology, morality, and Mother Nature.


Adina — Delicate

Aibreann (ab-rawn)  — April 

Aideen (ay-deen)  — Fire

Aifric (eye-fric) — Pleasant

Aileen — Bright, shining light 

Ailis — God is my oath 

Áine (awn-ya) — The Celtic goddess of wealth and summer
Aisling (ash-ling) — Dream or vision 

Alannah — Darling child 

Alma — Good

Annabella — Joy 

Aoife (ee-fuh) — Beautiful 

Aoibhinn (ee-van or ay-veen) — Beautiful sheen 

Arlise — Oath

Ashlynn — Dream

Augusteen — Great


Báirbre (BAR-bruh) — Stranger

Badb (bibe) — Scald-crow; the Celtic goddess of war 

Bernadette — Courage of a bear

Beatha (beh-tha)  — Livelihood 

Bevin (bay-vin) — Fair Lady 

Bidu — Strength, power

Binne — Sweet, melodious

Blair — From the plain

Blanche — White

Blathnaid (blaw-nid) — Blossom or flower 

Boann — The Celtic goddess of water, fertility, inspiration, and knowledge

Brazil -— Strife 

Breck —  Freckled

Breena — Fairy place

Brigid (bri-guhd) — The Celtic goddess of healing, poetry, and smithcraft

Brina — Speckled

Brit — Spotted

Bronagh (brona) — Sad or sorrowful 

Bryg (bree) — High or mighty 


Cadhla (ky-lah) — Beautiful and graceful

Caitlin — Pure 

Cailleach (key-iy-ch) — Veiled one; the Celtic crone goddess of winds and winter 

Caoimhe (kwee-va or kee-va) —  Precious 

Cara — Friend

Carmel — Vineyard

Cassidy — Curly-haired 

Catriona (ka-tree-na) —  Clear

Cerridwen — Power underworld goddess whose potions brought knowledge and rebirth to the world 

Cinnie — Beauty

Claire — Famous 

Cliodhna (Klee-na) — The Celtic goddess of beauty and love 

Cliona (klee-ona) — Shapely 

Collen — Girl

Cordelia — Jewel of the sea

Cristín (kris-teen) — Christian


Daimhin (daw-veen) — Little deer

Darcy — Descendant of the dark one

Danu — The ancient mother of all Celtic gods and of the Irish people

Davan — Beloved 

Dearbhla (der-vla) —True desire 

Decla — Woman of prayer 

Deirdre (deer-dra) — Woman or sorrow 

Devnet (downet) — Poet

Doreen — Moody

Duana — Song 


Eachna (ahk-na) — Steed 

Eabha (ey-va) — Life 

Éadaoin (eh-deen) — Happy friend

Ealga (ale-ga) — Brave

Edana — Firey 

Eileen — Pleasant

Eimile — Rival 

Eimear (ee-mur) — Swift 

Eistir (ayst-er) — Star

Eithne (ith-nee) — Kernel of a nut or seed

Elva — Leader of the elves 

Emily — Industrious

Enat (ey-nit) — Little fire 

Erin — Peace 

Erlina — Girl from Ireland

Etain — Jealousy

Eveleen (ave-leen) — Longed for child 

Evelyn — Life

Fania — Ring

Ferelith — True sovereignty

Fey — Fairy 

Fiadh (fee-a) — Wild

Fidelma — Constant

Fianait (fyan-it or fee-nat) — Deer

Finola (finn-ula) — Fair-shouldered 

Fiona — White 


Gemma — Precious stone

Geiléis (gyel-aysh) — Bright swan 

Glynis —Valley

Gormlaith (gorm-lee) — Blue Lady 

Grainne (graw-ni-eh) — The Irish Celtic goddess of the grain or harvest

Gwendolyn — White brow

Gweneth — Fair 


Helen — Light

Hilde —  Battle maid


Ide (ee-da) — Thirst for goodness or knowledge

Imogen (imma-jen) — Maiden or daughter 

Iona — Blessed 

Isibéal (ish-a-behl) — Consecrated to God 


Kady — First 

Karan — Little friend or little beloved 

Kayleigh — Slender and fair 

Keavy — Gentleness

Keela — A beauty that only poetry can capture

Kennocha (ken-oh-kuh) — Beauty

Kiara — Dark

Kiana — Soft, synthetic material 

Kiley — Good looking 

Kinnat — Ancient 

Kyna (key-na) — Love


Labhaoise (lau-ee-shuh) — Holiness

Liadan (lyah-dan) — Gray lady

Laoise (lee-sha) —  Light 

Lucy — Bringer of light 


Mab — Baby 

Macha — The Celtic goddess of war 

Maeve (may-veh) — Great joy 

Maire (my-ra) — Bitter

Mairead (mi-rade) — Pearl 

Maitilde — Battle maiden

Makenna — Happy one 

Maolisa (mail-issa) — Follower of Jesus

Meara (meer-a) — Sea 
Meryl (mur-el) — Bright as the sea

Mona — Noble, good

Morrigan (mohr-ee-gan) — Phantom queen

Morgan — Sea dweller 

Moya — Great 

Muireann (mweer-in) — Sea white 

Muirne (meer-ne) — High-spirited 

Muiriol (meer-ol) — Sea bright 

Myrna — Beloved 


Nainsi (nan-see) — Grace

Neala — Female champion 

Neave (neev) — Luster

Nessa  — Rough 

Niamh (neev or nee-iv) — Brightness 

Nora — Torch 

Nuala (noo-lah)  — Fair shoulder 


Oonagh (Una) — Lamb 

Orla — Golden princess 

Ornice — Olive-colored

Ornóra — Honor


Paili (pahl-ee) — Bitter

Patricia — Noble

Pegeen — Pearl

Philomena — Powerful friend


Rainbow — A multicolored curved line in the sky

Raunak — Beauty of nature 

Regina — Queen

Renny — Grace 

Riona (ree-ona) — Saint 

Rita — Pearl 

Roisin (ro-sheen) — Little rose 

Rowena — White hair 

Rylee — Courageous 


Sabrina — From the River Severn

Sadhbh (sive, sigh-v) — Sweet

Saoirse (ser-sha) — Freedom or liberty 

Sarai (sar-eye) — Princess

Síle (shee-la) — Blind

Sinéad (shee-naid) — God is gracious

Siobhán (shiv-on) — Full of charm 

Sive — Sweet 

Shauna — Precious 

Shannon — Wise river 

Sheena — God's gracious gift

Shevonne — The lord is gracious 

Seosaimhthín - (shoh-sa-veen) — God will add

Sorcha (sur-ka) — Radiant 

Steise (steh-shuh) — Reborn

Sybil (shuh-beh) — Prophetess


Tallulah — Leaping water

Tara — Tower 

Tessie — Harvester

Tipper — Ax

Toiréasa  (toh-reh-suh) — Strong


Ula — Gem of the sea 

Ulla  — To fill up, rich powerful ruler 

Úna (oo-nuh) — Lamb

Ursula — Little bear


Wanna — God is gracious 

Winnifred — Blessed peacemaking

Whitney — White island 

Whiltierna — Wolf lord

Wynne — A wish fulfilled 


Yeats — Gates

Yseult — Fair, light-skinned 

Yvon — Archer 


Zaira — Princess 

Gender-Neutral Irish Cat Names

A gray tabby cat laying in a field of clovers.

Trendy and timeless, these gender-neutral cat names draw inspiration from Catholic poetry, iconic Emerald Island brands, and Irish character.


Aiden — Little fire

Ailbe (ale-by) — White 

Aindrea — Manly 

Asthore — Loved one 


Bailey — An Irish creme liqueur

Barra — Fair-haired 

Banba — The Celtic Goddess of the spirit of Ireland

Berrach (bar-akh) — Sharp 

Bellamy — Fine friend 

Beltany —  a 5.9-foot Neolithic stone circle in County Donegal

Blarney — Skillful battery 

Blaine —  Yellow 

Brady — One with broad eyes 

Branna — Raven 

Beag (b'yag) — Small 

Bushmill — A classic, light-bodied Irish blended whisky  


Cabbage — An important Irish food staple during the Great Potato Famine

Callen – Rock

Caolán (keelin)  — Slender and pure 

Cahan — Battle 

Carey — Dark, black, or from the fort

Carlin — Little champion 

Carson — Son of the marsh dwellers 

Casey  — Vigilant in war 

Ceallach (kal-ukh) — Bright-headed 

Channing  — Wolf cub 

Clover — Meadow flower

Coddle — A traditional Irish dish made with sliced pork sausage, bacon rashers, onions, and potatoes

Coinneach (con-yach) — Beautiful 

Connolly — Fierce as a hound 

Cory — From the hollow 

Curran — Hero 


Dacey — From the south 

Darcie — Dark one 

Daireann (dar-awn) — Bountiful 

Darragh (darra) — Dark oak 

Dallas — From the meadow dwelling 

Derby —  From the deer settlement 

Dillon — Flash of lightning 

Devin — Poet

Dublin — The capital of Ireland 

Duff — Olive-skinned


Eirnin (air-nin) — Iron 

Emerald — Green gemstone 

Enda — Bird

Ennis — Island


Fallon — Leader

Fachtna — Hostile 

Farrell —  Brave

Fianna — One with Celtic roots 

Flann — Fiery red 


Gael — Gaelic person 

Gormon — Dark or swarthy 

Grady — Noble 

Guinness — The chosen one 


Hurley — Sea tide 


Ireland — Abundant land 


Jameson — A blended Irish whiskey 


Kavanaugh — Born handsome 

Keegan — Descendant of the fiery one

Kelly — War

Keir — Black 

Kellen —  Swamp, slender

Kennedy — Helmet

Kerry — Dark 

Killian — Little war-like one 

Kimball — Warrior chief 

Kirby — From the church village 

Kynan — Wise and intelligent 


Larkin — Fierce, tough 

Lennon — Little cloak

Liam — Guardian  

Limerick — A humorous, five-line poem

Lucky — Fortunate


Madigan — Little dog 

Maon (mayn) — Silent 

Mccoy — Fire

Miach (mee-ach) — Honorable 

Murphy — Sea warrior or hound of the sea 

Murtagh — Skills of the sea 


Naoise (nee-sha) — Bond 

Nevin — Holy 

Niall (nye-al or niel) — Cloud 

Nollaig (null-ig) — Christmas


Oatcake — A flat biscuit or cracker


Payton  — Noble 

Pangur — From  an Old Irish poem about a monk named Brother Aidan and his cat, Pangur Bán, or "white cat”

Phelim — Ever good 

Piran — Prayer 

Práta (prawh-tah) — The main Irish word for potato 

Pusheen — Kitten 


Quinn — Intellect or chief 


Radha — View or vision 

Rafferty — Wealthy 

Redmond — Protector 

Regan  — The king’s child 

Renny — Little prosperous one 

Riley — Courageous 

Rionnach (ree-in-ock) — Royal 

Robin — A singing bird, bright fame

Rohan — Sandalwood 

Rory — Red or rust-colored 

Rowen (roe-an) — Little redhead 

Ryan — Little king

Rylie — Courageous 


Shamrock — Young clover 

Shannon — Old and wise; the longest river (224 miles) in all of Britain and Ireland

Sheridan — Searcher or wild one 

Shea  — Esteemed

Shay — Hawk-like or noble 

Sláine (slaw-nuh) — Health

Sullivan — Black-eyed


Tayto — Irish chip (“crips) and popcorn brand 

Teagan — Beautiful 

Tierney (teer-nee) — Lord of the household 

Tremayne — Town surrounded by stone

Tully — From the little hill 

Turlough — Dry lake 

Tyran  — From The Land Of Owen

Tynan  —  Dark


Uaine  —  Green, verdant 


Valentine — Strong and healthy 

Veren — Great hero 


Wicklow — Famous mountains near Dublin


Zephan — God has hidden 

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