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Embark on a cultural journey through Japanese cat names inspired by colors. Discover the beauty and meaning behind names for white, black, grey, orange, calico, and bi-color cats. Japanese cat names, cat color names, cultural pet names, traditional Japanese names
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Explore the serene world of Tokyo's cat cafes, where the love for felines is celebrated. Discover how these cafes mirror Japanese culture and how Munchiecat captures this essence in their unique cat toys.
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Tea is not just a caffeinated beverage. From Buddhist monks to the British monarchs, tea reigns supreme as the world’s queen of drinks. Love tea on the same level you love your cats? From affordable cat tea cozies to whimsical cat tea infusers, we have rounded up 10 cat-themed tea gift ideas. 
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Have you fallen in love with a panther-esque cat? From classic to magical, here are 200+ names that will match your black cat’s slick dark fur. 
  • 8 min read
For proud cat parents (or cat ladies and dudes, BFFs, fans, staff — whatever title you prefer), we've rounded up 19 purrfect (Sorry again!) cat-themed gifts for under $20.  With no litter boxes to clean or hairballs to pick up, your cat-loving friends and family might enjoy them just as much.
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Ready to share your "purrfectly" imperfect relationship with the world? These 10 feline-inspired tees will add some cat-titude to your closet. (Furballs are not included.)  

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Whether you bleed orange and green or are counting the seconds 'til St. Patrick's Day, here are 500+ possible Irish-inspired names for your cat.  
  • 11 min read

More than 2.58 million South Koreans have adopted cats. They especially adore Scottish Folds and Ragdolls, which were featured in Jealousy Incarnate andBecause This is My First LifeLove Korean culture? Want to embrace your Korean roots? Here are 350+ Korean cat names. 

  • 10 min read

Dive into our extensive list of Japanese cat names. From the elegance of 'Yuriko' to the strength of 'Akio', each name is steeped in meaning and tradition. Discover the perfect name that reflects your cat's unique character and spirit in our updated guide, blending ancient lore and modern charm.

  • 8 min read

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