Organic Bliss: USDA Certified Catnip from USA Farms, approx 1 cup

It's Natalie here, and I'm excited to share our specialty - USDA Certified Organic Catnip, rich in high nepetalactone content. Grown in the USA, this catnip is a true delight for your furry friends. We know that the key to an extraordinary catnip experience lies in its nepetalactone levels, and we've ensured that ours is top-notch. This means more joy, more rolling, and definitely more purring. Thanks for choosing Munchiecat, where we're dedicated to creating memorable moments for you and your cat, infused with the essence of quality and care.

🌿 Organic Euphoria: High nepetalactone content for an intense and joyful playtime.
🌱 Safe and Pure: USDA certified organic, the pinnacle of quality and safety for your pet.
🇺🇸 Proudly American: Responsibly harvested, supporting local farmers and sustainability.
😺 Irresistible Attraction: Guaranteed to captivate and entertain your cat for hours.
🍃 Freshness Sealed: Packaged with care to preserve its potency and enticing aroma.
🐾 Perfect for Play: Ideal for refilling toys, enhancing scratch posts, or direct enjoyment.

Choose from:

  • Reusable Tin Packaging: Ensures prolonged freshness and potency of the blend.
  • Eco Packaging for refills: Food safe, paper and plant based compostable liner


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