Small Business Profile: Pounce Hawaii, Honolulu's Most Luxurious Cat Hotel and Kaka’ako’s Cat Lounge

Pounce Hawaii Boretta Lim and Erin Weiman

Photos courtesy of Boretta Lim and Erin Weiman

Spa and grooming services, private air-conditioned rooms, and a “chauffeur service” for cats are among the luxury offerings at Pounce Hawaii – Honolulu's five-star cat hotel and cat adoption lounge. 

Cat Hotel 

Siamese cat in presidential suite with crystal bowl

Manned by Boretta Lim and Erin Weiman, the 31 bedroom cattery in Kakaʻako promises to pamper your cat while you’re away.

Cats can stay in one of three room categories, including a presidential suite – the hotel’s most luxurious offering. The presidential suite can fit up to 4 adult cats and comes with a personal filtered water fountain, a crystal food bowl on a silver platter, and a dust-free and chemical-free lavatory. The 50-foot square room has 6 large platforms and privacy cubbies. It includes live beta fish and parakeets for mental stimulation, laser toys, themed VIP toys, a complimentary nail trim, and a daily photo update.

Siamese cat in presidential suite with laser toy

The other rooms, which can accommodate between two and three cats, have 8-foot privacy walls. Complimentary daily services include pristine suite tidying, two meal servings, clean water, a 75-minute exercise session, and a litter box that’s filled with all-natural and long-lasting pine litter. Classical, jazz, piano, and spa music are played in the background throughout the day and evening. 

“Boretta has a very keen eye for interior design and colors, as she is an artist herself. We wanted a clean design that captures lighting well, along with making the rooms as cozy as possible,” Erin says. “We researched the best colors and designs that would be placed on our walls and strategically planned them all out.”

Cat Spa & Grooming Services 

Cats can also indulge in a range of grooming options, including blowouts and bubble baths. “We add a special relaxing soap to warm water with various choices of feline-friendly aromas,” she says. Baths for short and long-haired cats include a comb through, face and ear cleaning, a nail trim. Extra grooming services include hair cuts, sani trims, de-matting, de-shedding, and teeth brushing. 

“We have always offered select spa services since we opened. We knew owners would want to pamper their kitties during their vacation, just as us humans like to treat ourselves during our own vacations,” Erin says. “It was during the pandemic when Boretta obtained her groomer's certification and training to perform further cat spa services. We also offer walk-in grooming to clients, in addition to our hotel guests.” 

Cat Adoption Lounge 

Cat Selfie in Lounge at Pounce Hawaii

Pounce Hawaii also has a cage-free cat adoption lounge. “Because of the 2020 shutdown, we doubtfully began planning our business exit strategy, under the impression we had to close. Simultaneously, we had many vacant rooms in our hotel, so we reached out to the Hawaiian Humane Society (HHS) to see if they needed help,” Erin says.

At the beginning of kitten season, the HHS brought over several adult cats that needed help finding homes. Erin and Boretta created biographies on their website to entice locals to make appointments to visit the cats. And they were able to find them all homes. Because of this success, they created the cat lounge, where you can spend 75 minutes with adoptable cats for $20. 

Pounce Hawaii also has a $100 monthly cat lounge membership. They provide free WiFi for your computer work and a complimentary beverage. They also offer cat treats and bags of Munchiecat catnip that can be used while visiting the cat lounge. 

They consult and provide guidance to each family that’s considering adopting a new. “This was the focal pivot of keeping our business afloat during the coronavirus pandemic. And we have since found homes for over 700 cats in Honolulu,” Erin says. 

Stefan the cat and his new owner at Pounce Hawaii  

“Pounce Hawaii's most inspiring adoption story has to be of a kitten we were fostering who was born with an eye disorder,” Erin says. Although Stefan had two different colored eyes and a permanent wink, he is still able to live a happy and healthy life. While it usually takes no time for a kitten to get adopted, Stefan was at Pounce Hawaii for a couple of months until he found his forever home. “The inspiring piece to this story is that the person who adopted him saw past his looks and fell in love with his amazing and sweet personality,” she says. “This story is an example that all kittens, no matter what they look like, are deserving of a caring and loving home.”

Cat Adoption Fees 

Pounce Hawaii hotel front

All kittens and adults cats are tested for the feline leukemia virus (FeLv) and the feline immunodeficiency virus (FIV). They are also treated for parasites and given an FVRCP vaccination

Here are Pounce Hawaii’s adoption fees (as of October 2021):

  • $100 per adopted kitten (0-6 months)
  • $50 per adopted kitten and/or adult cat (7 months-5 years)
  • $25 per adopted senior cat (6+ years)
  • FREE for seniors (55+ years) who adopt a senior cat (6+ years)

The Challenges of Running a Cat Hotel 

Erin and Boretta from Pounce Hawaii

“The challenges of owning a cat hotel are learning as we go and always changing how we "flow", just as a river has to make adjustments in its path. By far the most difficult aspect was surviving through a global pandemic. We seriously contemplated closing down our brand new business within 6 months after opening up,” Erin says. “In February 2020, 90% of our reservations and income crashed. The new Delta Variant has also hit us extremely hard... We encourage people to support us by supporting their cats.”

Pounce Hawaii accepts monetary donations or unopened and unused household items. You can order items off Pounce Hawaii's Amazon wishlist to be delivered to their cat lounge. You can also buy Pounce Hawaii tee shirts and tank tops, cat toys, catnip, cat litter, and gift cards at their online shop. “Here, you’ll find many supplies that are from women-owned businesses, local businesses, and essentials for all cats and humans alike,” Erin says.

“Mostly, spreading the word and bringing over new humans who love cats like us, are truly the best ways to assist us during these unprecedented times. We are such cat-people and people-people... seeing familiar faces brings the most joy to our hearts!”

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