500+ Irish Cat Names – Male, Female, and Gender-Neutral Name Ideas with Meanings and Pronunciations

A black and white tuxedo cat with a sparkly green bow tie.


Without a doubt, Ireland is a nation of dog lovers.

A 2016 study by iReach for Purina found that 72% of Irish people think having a dog "completes the family."   

And nearly 36% of Irish homes have a dog while only 10% own a cat, according to a 2009 study by the University College Dublin.

That’s because more than 65% of Ireland is farmland. And most Irish citizens live in sprawling ranch-style houses instead of cramped studio apartments. 

Even Manx cats — tailless felines that come from the Isle of Man, an island in the Irish sea between Northern Ireland and Great Britain— have canine characteristics. 

As Ireland's only cat breed, they're extremely loyal and will follow you around. Manx cats also like to retrieve and bury their toys.

Whether you bleed orange and green or are counting the seconds 'til St. Patrick's Day, here are 500+ possible Irish-inspired cat names.


Male Irish Cat Names

A ginger tabby cat in a sparking green bow tie.
Powerful and strong, these male Irish cat names are inspired by Celtic gods, nature, and righteousness.


Aaron — High mountain 

Aengus — One strength; the Celtic god of love 

Adair — A crossing or ford at the oak tree

Adamnan — Little Adam

Aed (ayd)  — Fire 

Ahern — Lord of the horses

Ailin (ay-LEEN) — Noble

Alan — Peaceful or handsome 

Alastar (ah-lah-star) — Defender of the people

Alpin — Attractive

Amargein (aw-veer-een) — Birth of song

Amon (ay-mon) — Wealthy protector 

Aodhan (eh-dawn or ay-dawn) — Fire 

Aralt  — Army ruler 

Ardal (ahr-dawl) — Bear-like valor 

Arlen  — Hare land 

Art — Bear 

Arwan — The Celtic god of the dead, war, revenge, and terror 

Augustine — Great, magnificent 

Auliffe (ao-lahf) — Ancestor’s relic 


Bainbridge — Fair bridge

Banning —  Small, fair one 

Bairre (baw-re) — Fair-haired 

Bard — Singer-poet 

Beacan (be-kawn or ba-kawn) — Tiny one

Bearach (ba-rak) — Pointed, sharp

Behan — Bee

Belenus (bel-en-us) — The sun god from Celtic mythology

Benen — Mild

Berkeley — Birch tree meadow 

Blaine — Angular or slender

Blair — Field or plain 

Blathmac (blaw-vak) — Flower son 

Bogart  —  Bog or marshland

Bran (brawn)  — Raven

Bray — Marsh 

Brayden — Salmon 

Breasal (bree-sal) — Land of the blessed

Brian — Noble  

Brandon — Prince 

Breck — Freckled 

Brody — Ditch

Brogan — Small shoe 


Calhoun — From the narrow forest

Callaghan — Lover of churches 

Callum (kal-um) — Dove 

Carney — Warlike 

Carrick  — Rock 

Carlow — Four-part lake 

Carroll — Hacking with a weapon 

Cashel — Castle or fortress 

Cathal (ka-hal) — Strong in battle

Cernunnos — The horned fertility and hunting god in Celtic mythology 

Cian (kee-an) — Ancient or enduring 

Cillian (kill-ee-an) — War strife or little church 

Ciaran (kee-ran) — Little dark one 

Clancy — Red warrior 

Cluny — From the meadow 

Collin — Cub or puppy 

Comhghall (KOH-gahn or CO-en) — Fellow hostage

Conan — Wolf

Conor — Lover of hounds 

Cormac — Charioteer

Conway — Hound of the plain 

Craig  — Rock 

Criofan (KREE-fan) — Fox 

Culley — Meadow 

Cunningham — Village of the milk pail


Dagda (dag-duh) — The “good god”, the supreme deity and chief of the ancient Celtic pantheon 

Dahy (day-hee) — Quick-footed 

Daimine — Deer or ox 

Daithi (da-hee) — Nimbleness or swiftness 

Dalaigh (dawl-ee) — Counsellor 

Declan — Full of goodness 

Delaney — Dark challenger 

Dempsey — Proud

Dermot — Free from envy 

Desmond — One from Desmond

Devlin — Unlucky 

Diarmuid (deer-mid) — Without an enemy 

Digby — A  town with a ditch or dike

Dinsmore — Fortified hill 

Dooley  — Dark hero 

Donnacha (done-acka) — Brown-haired warrior 

Donal (Dho-nal) — Ruler of the world 

Dow — Dark-haired 

Doyle — Dark Stranger 


Eamon (ee-mon or ay-mon) — Wealthy protector 

Earnan — Serious 

Elatha (ahl-a-hah)  — Art 

Emmet — Irish orator and patriot who led the unsuccessful 1798 Irish Rebellion against the British 

Eochaid (oh-kad) — Horse 

Eoghan (oh-win) — Born of the yew tree

Erc — Battle boar 

Euston — Heart


Fagin (fay-gin) — Rustic 

Faolan (Fay-lawn) — Little wolf

Felix  — Lucky 

Ferdia — Man of God 

Fergal  — Brave

Fergus — Man of force 

Ferris — Rock 

Fiachra  (FEE-uh-khruh) —  Raven or hunt and king 

Finnbar — Fair-haired 

Finn — Fair, blonde 

Finnegan — Little fair one

Fintan — White bull or white fire 

Fitzgerald — Son of Gerald 

Fogarty — Exiled one 

Foley — Plunderer 

Forbes — Wealthy or stubborn 

Flynn — Ruddy 

Frederick — Peaceful ruler 

Fursey  — Virtue 


Gaibhne — The Celtic god of blacksmiths 

Gaeth — Skillful 

Gallagher — Eagle helper 

Galvin — Sparrow 

Galway  — A vibrant waterside city in western Ireland 

Garrett — Spear strength 

Garvey — Rough place

Genty — Snow 

Gilroy — Devoted to the king 

Glendon — One from a valley or fortress 

Gordon — Beloved 

Grady — Noble 

Gulliver — Glutton 

Guthrie — Windy place 

Gus  — Great 

Guy — Sensible  


Hagan — Young 

Haley — Ingenious

Harkin  — Dark red 

Harmon — Soldier 

Hartigan — Descendent of Arthur 

Hobart  — Bright, shinning intellect

Hogan — Youth

Hoyt — Spirit, mind 

Hugh — Mind, intellect 

Hurley — Sea tide 


Iarom (ear-um)  — Sacred name 

Iollan (ul-an) — One who worships a different god 

Irv — Handsome

Ivo — Archer, yew wood  


Jarlath (jar-lath) — Prince 


Kane (key-in) — Enduring 

Keallach (kall-ach)— Little Kelly 

Keefe (kiy-f) — Handsome and noble

Keenan — Ancient 

Keenan — Little Keene

Kelvin -—  Narrow river 

Kendrick —  Son of Henry 

Kennard — Brave chieftain

Kennedy (ki-ne-dee) — Ugly head 

Kenyon -— White-haired 

Kermit —  Freeman  


Labraid — Speaker 

Labras — Laurel bush 

Laegaire (lee-ree) — Calf herder 

Lee — From the River Lee

Lawler — Mutterer

Lennan (lan-awn) — Lover

Liam — Strong-willed warrior or protector 

Llyr — The Celtic god of the sea and underworld 

Lochlan (lok-lun) — Land of the lakes

Lonan (lyo-nawn) — Blackbird 

Lorcan — Silent or fierce 

Lugh (loo) — The Celtic god of justice, laws, and kings

Lunn — Warlike

Lynch — Mariner


Macarthur — Son of Arthur

Maccoy — Son of Hugh

Mackenzie — Son of Kenzie

Mackinnley — Son of the learned ruler

Maguire — Son of the beige one 

Mahon — Bear

Malachi (mala-ki) — Messenger of God 

Mannix — Little monk 

Manus (ma-nuhs)  — Great 

Mayo — Yew-tree plain

Michael (me-haul) — Who is like God? 

Merritt — Valuable

Meallan (mahl-an) — Lightening

Midir (my-tir) — The Celtic god of lakes and rivers 

Morrisey — Sea choice 

Murchadh  (MUR-kha or MOOR-uh-ka)  — Sea warrior 


Néit —  The Celtic god of war 


Odhran (o-ran) — Dark-haired 

Oisin (o-sheen) — Small deer 

Odhran (orin) — Little pale green one

Oran (ohr-an) — Otter

Oscar — Deer lover   


Patrick — Nobly born 

Peadar (pad-ar) — Rock 

Patterson — Son of Pat

Phelan (fwail-awn) — Wolf  


Quigley —  Unkempt

Quill  —  Scribe with a quill pen 

Quillon —  Crossing swords 

Quinlan — Athletic 


Raymond — Counselor 

Rian (ree-an) — Little king 

Riddock — Smooth field 

Riordan (reer-don) — Royal poet 

Roarke — Famous ruler 

Roc  — Person with frizzy hair 

Rónán (ROH-nawn) — Pledge

Ross —  Headland 


Scanlon — Little trapper

Scully — Town crier 

Séafra  (shee-a-fra) — God's peace

Seamus — Supplanter

Sean — God is gracious

Seanán (shaw-nawn) — Ancient

Searc (shark)  — Affection, love

Shane — Gift from God 

Skelly — Storyteller

Sleibhin (sle-veen) — Mountain man 

Sloan — Warrior

Somhairle — Summer wanderer

Strahan — Minstrel

Steafán (stef-ahn) — Crowned with laurel

Struthers -— Brook


Tadhg (tige) — Poet or bard 

Tarlach (tahr-lak) — Instigator

Taranis — The Celtic god of thunderstorms 

Tiarnach (teer-nahk) — Superior

Tomas — Twin 

Tormey — Thunder spirit

Treasach (trah-sak) — Fierce

Trevor —  Prudent

Troy — Foot soldier

Turlough (tur-la) — One who aids 

Tyrone  — From the land of the yew tree


Ulick (oo-lick)  — Little William

Ultan —  Man from Ulster or Northern Ireland 


Verlin — Farthing Coin


William — Strong protector

Female Irish Cat Names

A Ragdoll cat in a green top hat with holding a clover necklance.
Beautiful and unique, these female Irish cat names draw inspiration from Celtic mythology, morality, and Mother Nature.


Adina — Delicate

Aibreann (ab-rawn)  — April 

Aideen (ay-deen)  — Fire

Aifric (eye-fric) — Pleasant

Aileen — Bright, shining light 

Ailis — God is my oath 

Áine (awn-ya) — The Celtic goddess of wealth and summer
Aisling (ash-ling) — Dream or vision 

Alannah — Darling child 

Alma — Good

Annabella — Joy 

Aoife (ee-fuh) — Beautiful 

Aoibhinn (ee-van or ay-veen) — Beautiful sheen 

Arlise — Oath

Ashlynn — Dream

Augusteen — Great


Báirbre (BAR-bruh) — Stranger

Badb (bibe) — Scald-crow; the Celtic goddess of war 

Bernadette — Courage of a bear

Beatha (beh-tha)  — Livelihood 

Bevin (bay-vin) — Fair Lady 

Bidu — Strength, power

Binne — Sweet, melodious

Blair — From the plain

Blanche — White

Blathnaid (blaw-nid) — Blossom or flower 

Boann — The Celtic goddess of water, fertility, inspiration, and knowledge

Brazil -— Strife 

Breck —  Freckled

Breena — Fairy place

Brigid (bri-guhd) — The Celtic goddess of healing, poetry, and smithcraft

Brina — Speckled

Brit — Spotted

Bronagh (brona) — Sad or sorrowful 

Bryg (bree) — High or mighty 


Cadhla (ky-lah) — Beautiful and graceful

Caitlin — Pure 

Cailleach (key-iy-ch) — Veiled one; the Celtic crone goddess of winds and winter 

Caoimhe (kwee-va or kee-va) —  Precious 

Cara — Friend

Carmel — Vineyard

Cassidy — Curly-haired 

Catriona (ka-tree-na) —  Clear

Cerridwen — Power underworld goddess whose potions brought knowledge and rebirth to the world 

Cinnie — Beauty

Claire — Famous 

Cliodhna (Klee-na) — The Celtic goddess of beauty and love 

Cliona (klee-ona) — Shapely 

Collen — Girl

Cordelia — Jewel of the sea

Cristín (kris-teen) — Christian


Daimhin (daw-veen) — Little deer

Darcy — Descendant of the dark one

Danu — The ancient mother of all Celtic gods and of the Irish people

Davan — Beloved 

Dearbhla (der-vla) —True desire 

Decla — Woman of prayer 

Deirdre (deer-dra) — Woman or sorrow 

Devnet (downet) — Poet

Doreen — Moody

Duana — Song 


Eachna (ahk-na) — Steed 

Eabha (ey-va) — Life 

Éadaoin (eh-deen) — Happy friend

Ealga (ale-ga) — Brave

Edana — Firey 

Eileen — Pleasant

Eimile — Rival 

Eimear (ee-mur) — Swift 

Eistir (ayst-er) — Star

Eithne (ith-nee) — Kernel of a nut or seed

Elva — Leader of the elves 

Emily — Industrious

Enat (ey-nit) — Little fire 

Erin — Peace 

Erlina — Girl from Ireland

Etain — Jealousy

Eveleen (ave-leen) — Longed for child 

Evelyn — Life

Fania — Ring

Ferelith — True sovereignty

Fey — Fairy 

Fiadh (fee-a) — Wild

Fidelma — Constant

Fianait (fyan-it or fee-nat) — Deer

Finola (finn-ula) — Fair-shouldered 

Fiona — White 


Gemma — Precious stone

Geiléis (gyel-aysh) — Bright swan 

Glynis —Valley

Gormlaith (gorm-lee) — Blue Lady 

Grainne (graw-ni-eh) — The Irish Celtic goddess of the grain or harvest

Gwendolyn — White brow

Gweneth — Fair 


Helen — Light

Hilde —  Battle maid


Ide (ee-da) — Thirst for goodness or knowledge

Imogen (imma-jen) — Maiden or daughter 

Iona — Blessed 

Isibéal (ish-a-behl) — Consecrated to God 


Kady — First 

Karan — Little friend or little beloved 

Kayleigh — Slender and fair 

Keavy — Gentleness

Keela — A beauty that only poetry can capture

Kennocha (ken-oh-kuh) — Beauty

Kiara — Dark

Kiana — Soft, synthetic material 

Kiley — Good looking 

Kinnat — Ancient 

Kyna (key-na) — Love


Labhaoise (lau-ee-shuh) — Holiness

Liadan (lyah-dan) — Gray lady

Laoise (lee-sha) —  Light 

Lucy — Bringer of light 


Mab — Baby 

Macha — The Celtic goddess of war 

Maeve (may-veh) — Great joy 

Maire (my-ra) — Bitter

Mairead (mi-rade) — Pearl 

Maitilde — Battle maiden

Makenna — Happy one 

Maolisa (mail-issa) — Follower of Jesus

Meara (meer-a) — Sea 
Meryl (mur-el) — Bright as the sea

Mona — Noble, good

Morrigan (mohr-ee-gan) — Phantom queen

Morgan — Sea dweller 

Moya — Great 

Muireann (mweer-in) — Sea white 

Muirne (meer-ne) — High-spirited 

Muiriol (meer-ol) — Sea bright 

Myrna — Beloved 


Nainsi (nan-see) — Grace

Neala — Female champion 

Neave (neev) — Luster

Nessa  — Rough 

Niamh (neev or nee-iv) — Brightness 

Nora — Torch 

Nuala (noo-lah)  — Fair shoulder 


Oonagh (Una) — Lamb 

Orla — Golden princess 

Ornice — Olive-colored

Ornóra — Honor


Paili (pahl-ee) — Bitter

Patricia — Noble

Pegeen — Pearl

Philomena — Powerful friend


Rainbow — A multicolored curved line in the sky

Raunak — Beauty of nature 

Regina — Queen

Renny — Grace 

Riona (ree-ona) — Saint 

Rita — Pearl 

Roisin (ro-sheen) — Little rose 

Rowena — White hair 

Rylee — Courageous 


Sabrina — From the River Severn

Sadhbh (sive, sigh-v) — Sweet

Saoirse (ser-sha) — Freedom or liberty 

Sarai (sar-eye) — Princess

Síle (shee-la) — Blind

Sinéad (shee-naid) — God is gracious

Siobhán (shiv-on) — Full of charm 

Sive — Sweet 

Shauna — Precious 

Shannon — Wise river 

Sheena — God's gracious gift

Shevonne — The lord is gracious 

Seosaimhthín - (shoh-sa-veen) — God will add

Sorcha (sur-ka) — Radiant 

Steise (steh-shuh) — Reborn

Sybil (shuh-beh) — Prophetess


Tallulah — Leaping water

Tara — Tower 

Tessie — Harvester

Tipper — Ax

Toiréasa  (toh-reh-suh) — Strong


Ula — Gem of the sea 

Ulla  — To fill up, rich powerful ruler 

Úna (oo-nuh) — Lamb

Ursula — Little bear


Wanna — God is gracious 

Winnifred — Blessed peacemaking

Whitney — White island 

Whiltierna — Wolf lord

Wynne — A wish fulfilled 


Yeats — Gates

Yseult — Fair, light-skinned 

Yvon — Archer 


Zaira — Princess 

Gender-Neutral Irish Cat Names

A gray tabby cat laying in a field of clovers.

Trendy and timeless, these gender-neutral cat names draw inspiration from Catholic poetry, iconic Emerald Island brands, and Irish character.


Aiden — Little fire

Ailbe (ale-by) — White 

Aindrea — Manly 

Asthore — Loved one 


Bailey — An Irish creme liqueur

Barra — Fair-haired 

Banba — The Celtic Goddess of the spirit of Ireland

Berrach (bar-akh) — Sharp 

Bellamy — Fine friend 

Beltany —  a 5.9-foot Neolithic stone circle in County Donegal

Blarney — Skillful battery 

Blaine —  Yellow 

Brady — One with broad eyes 

Branna — Raven 

Beag (b'yag) — Small 

Bushmill — A classic, light-bodied Irish blended whisky  


Cabbage — An important Irish food staple during the Great Potato Famine

Callen – Rock

Caolán (keelin)  — Slender and pure 

Cahan — Battle 

Carey — Dark, black, or from the fort

Carlin — Little champion 

Carson — Son of the marsh dwellers 

Casey  — Vigilant in war 

Ceallach (kal-ukh) — Bright-headed 

Channing  — Wolf cub 

Clover — Meadow flower

Coddle — A traditional Irish dish made with sliced pork sausage, bacon rashers, onions, and potatoes

Coinneach (con-yach) — Beautiful 

Connolly — Fierce as a hound 

Cory — From the hollow 

Curran — Hero 


Dacey — From the south 

Darcie — Dark one 

Daireann (dar-awn) — Bountiful 

Darragh (darra) — Dark oak 

Dallas — From the meadow dwelling 

Derby —  From the deer settlement 

Dillon — Flash of lightning 

Devin — Poet

Dublin — The capital of Ireland 

Duff — Olive-skinned


Eirnin (air-nin) — Iron 

Emerald — Green gemstone 

Enda — Bird

Ennis — Island


Fallon — Leader

Fachtna — Hostile 

Farrell —  Brave

Fianna — One with Celtic roots 

Flann — Fiery red 


Gael — Gaelic person 

Gormon — Dark or swarthy 

Grady — Noble 

Guinness — The chosen one 


Hurley — Sea tide 


Ireland — Abundant land 


Jameson — A blended Irish whiskey 


Kavanaugh — Born handsome 

Keegan — Descendant of the fiery one

Kelly — War

Keir — Black 

Kellen —  Swamp, slender

Kennedy — Helmet

Kerry — Dark 

Killian — Little war-like one 

Kimball — Warrior chief 

Kirby — From the church village 

Kynan — Wise and intelligent 


Larkin — Fierce, tough 

Lennon — Little cloak

Liam — Guardian  

Limerick — A humorous, five-line poem

Lucky — Fortunate


Madigan — Little dog 

Maon (mayn) — Silent 

Mccoy — Fire

Miach (mee-ach) — Honorable 

Murphy — Sea warrior or hound of the sea 

Murtagh — Skills of the sea 


Naoise (nee-sha) — Bond 

Nevin — Holy 

Niall (nye-al or niel) — Cloud 

Nollaig (null-ig) — Christmas


Oatcake — A flat biscuit or cracker


Payton  — Noble 

Pangur — From  an Old Irish poem about a monk named Brother Aidan and his cat, Pangur Bán, or "white cat”

Phelim — Ever good 

Piran — Prayer 

Práta (prawh-tah) — The main Irish word for potato 

Pusheen — Kitten 


Quinn — Intellect or chief 


Radha — View or vision 

Rafferty — Wealthy 

Redmond — Protector 

Regan  — The king’s child 

Renny — Little prosperous one 

Riley — Courageous 

Rionnach (ree-in-ock) — Royal 

Robin — A singing bird, bright fame

Rohan — Sandalwood 

Rory — Red or rust-colored 

Rowen (roe-an) — Little redhead 

Ryan — Little king

Rylie — Courageous 


Shamrock — Young clover 

Shannon — Old and wise; the longest river (224 miles) in all of Britain and Ireland

Sheridan — Searcher or wild one 

Shea  — Esteemed

Shay — Hawk-like or noble 

Sláine (slaw-nuh) — Health

Sullivan — Black-eyed


Tayto — Irish chip (“crips) and popcorn brand 

Teagan — Beautiful 

Tierney (teer-nee) — Lord of the household 

Tremayne — Town surrounded by stone

Tully — From the little hill 

Turlough — Dry lake 

Tyran  — From The Land Of Owen

Tynan  —  Dark


Uaine  —  Green, verdant 


Valentine — Strong and healthy 

Veren — Great hero 


Wicklow — Famous mountains near Dublin


Zephan — God has hidden 

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