Munchiecat Catnip Nigiri & Maki Sushi Set in Bamboo-Print Bento Style Box (8-pc)

Hi, it's Natalie from Munchiecat! I'm thrilled to introduce our Catnip Sushi Deluxe Set. This 8-piece collection, featuring four 4" Nigiri rolls and four 1.5" maki-style toys, is a fusion of fun and cultural elegance for your cat. Each piece is a perfect blend of crinkle and rattle textures, all infused with premium catnip for ultimate feline enjoyment. The toys are thoughtfully packaged in a beautiful bento-style paper box, adorned with an elegant bamboo print, making it a delightful gift for your furry friend. At Munchiecat, we blend traditional Japanese aesthetics with playful, modern design to bring unique joy to your cat's playtime. Thank you for choosing our handcrafted toys to enrich your cat's life and strengthen the bond you share. Here's to endless fun and cultural exploration!

🍣 Authentic Sushi Design: Realistic nigiri and maki roll shapes to captivate your cat's curiosity.
🌱 Premium Catnip Infusion: Offering an irresistible, euphoric experience for your kitty.
🎍 Elegant Bento Box: A bamboo-print package that adds a touch of sophistication.
🪡 Durable Craftsmanship: Expertly machine-sewn for extended play sessions.
 🌸 Cultural Fusion: Celebrating the beauty of Japanese art and craftsmanship in every toy.
🐾 Interactive Play: Perfect for batting, chasing, and engaging your cat's natural instincts.

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