Dreamy Delight Valerian: 15g Premium Grade Powder packed with Valerenic Acid

Hello there, it's Natalie from munchiecat! Exciting news for cat lovers - we're introducing our Dreamy Delight Valerian powder in a 15-gram pack! This premium certified organic valerian is the perfect way to spice up your cat's playtime. Think of it as catnip's exotic cousin, offering a unique euphoria and heightened playfulness. Valerian root, renowned for its unique compounds like valerenic acid and isovaleric acid, offers a natural way to excite and engage your cat. Our valerian root powder is organically grown and processed, ensuring that your cat receives a product free from additives and harmful chemicals. The 15g pack is perfect for sprinkling on your cat's favorite toys, scratching posts, or bedding, providing a novel and stimulating experience for them A little sprinkle for a lot of joy!


🌿 USDA Certified Organic: Assures the highest quality and purity, free from synthetic additives.
🍃 Variety of Responses: Offers a range of reactions from increased playfulness to relaxed contentment.
💚 Sustainably Sourced: Ethically harvested to ensure environmental responsibility and product integrity.
🎉 Enhances Toys & Playtime: Perfect addition to any toy for increased fun.
🐾 Ideal for All Cats: Loved by felines of all ages and breeds.

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