Munchiecat Olives with Rattle & Catnip (2-pc)

Welcome to a world of whimsical play with our 'Olive Frenzy' Cat Toys! This delightful 2-piece set, inspired by the charming shape of green olives, is a feast for your cat's playful spirit. Each toy, measuring 2"x1" in diameter, is a perfect morsel of fun for cats of all sizes. Thank you for supporting our small business and for bringing a slice of joy into your home.

🐱 Lively Olive Design: Eye-catching green olive replicas to spark your cat's curiosity.

🌱 Enriched with Catnip: Filled with organic catnip to excite and entice your feline friend.

🔔 Gentle Rattle Sound: Each olive contains a soft rattle, adding an auditory dimension to play.

🎾 Ideal for Batting: Perfectly sized for batting, rolling, and interactive games.

🏡 Ideal Housewarming Gift: A charming gift for cat owners, pairing beautifully with wine for a cozy new home celebration.

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