Rover was born to be a meowdel. Owner Angelina Kayyalaynen and her partner, Sergey Shlyakhtich, dress him up inĀ Haute CATure. ThenĀ he sashays down the runway with major cattitude.Ā  He hasĀ 686K TikTok followers and 274K Instagram followers.Ā 
With slightly-crossed baby blues, stubby legs, and pinkish-black jellybeans, Nala has pawed her way into the hearts of 4.3 million people ā€” earning the Guinness World Record for theĀ Most Popular Cat on Instagram.
Smudge ā€” who has 1.4 million Instagram followers ā€” is a chunky yet funky meme-lord who hates veggies (except forĀ taters).
With gossamer green eyes, giant batty ears, and goaty meows, Balam has scratched his way to Instafame with 222 thousand followers. An Oriental Shorthair, he lives a littermateĀ andĀ three rescued street cats.

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